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Specialising in gut health and pregnancy

These days, kids multivitamins, pregnancy drinks, and fish oils are amongst the most popular products that Indonesians sought for from Australia and guess what?...

We don't believe in the daily consumptions of drug-store supplements as part of our family's everyday routine. 

There is just too much marketing in consuming multi vitamins and supplements.  We narrow down our selection to really just a few essentials that we have absolute faith in:

  • Premium quality fish oils at its raw liquid form (our family swears by Mollers)
  • High-strength probiotic (especially those who's been on antibiotics, have allergies, digestive problems, and 
  • High quality breastfeeding and pregnancy supplement (because unless you're eating a very healty diets every day, young mommies need all the help they could get during this period)
  • Inner beauty supplements (only because clear & glowy skin means less makeup!)

Tiredness and digestive issues are amongst the health problems you may experience if you don’t look after your gut. Our range of superfoods,health supplements and organic inner beauty supplements (we love Mirranda Kerr's Organic Noni Glow Skinfood Supplements) are designed to promote gut health to help you radiate health and beauty from the inside out.

Choosing the right products can be overwhelming, so we’ve done all the work and are delighted to bring you a selection of only the very best.

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