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Millenial. Uber. Luxe. Uncompromised.

Your trust in us comes first. We trial and test everything we stock. 

With so many brands out there claiming to be natural and organic we’ve made it our mission to do all the hard work and research for our millenial tribe.  We consider everything from natural, organic and eco certification to scientific research data.  Only the very best brands meet our exacting standards and self trials. Most of the brands we carry in our store may be new ones you've never heard of.  We're so anti mainstream only because most of the mainstream brands these days are way too compromised in quality. 

We’re obsessively strict!

At Mooloo Living, we want to build a reputation for being the most honest organic skin care store in Indonesia.  We take pride in stocking only strictest organic skin care brands from Australia and around the world. We’re obsessed about the products we stock - hence you'll see that it takes time for us to build our product catalogue for the Indonesian market. We research & check every ingredient, we probe each formulator and we’ll decline most brands, even if they're famous brands. If they didn't meet our extensive ingredient ban list includes those commonly found in products labelled as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, we won't be stocking those toxins and recommending them to you.  The care we take in selecting products extends to the manufacturing process, sustainability and humanitarian credentials of each brand.

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