Natural & Organic Sunscreens


What is natural sunscreen?
Natural sunscreen provides a physical rather than chemical barrier to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Instead of using chemicals to absorb these UV rays, natural sunscreens use minerals to provide a physical shield. All of the sunscreen we stocked in store are the natural sunscreens over SPF 15+ being sold in Australia, which must undergo the same strict testing as chemical sunscreens and must also be licensed by the TGA (Australia's equivalent of Indonesia's BPOM), so choosing a natural sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen will should not be less effective in helping to prevent sunburn, sun damage and premature ageing.

Please note that some 'so called' natural based sunscreens on the market can still contain non-natural preservatives that don't comply with our strict ingredients policy, so won’t be found here. We also have a great range of non greasy, vegan sunscreens ideal for the face which can be worn under your daily makeup.

Natural Sunscreens for the whole family
Here at mulu living we want to make it easy for you to find a suitable sunscreen option for you and your family. We stock a wide range of sunscreen products packed with wonderful natural and organic ingredients including certified organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Rosehip oil and Argan Oil. Many of our products are formulated especially for children and babies’ delicate skin.

Great value, great prices

In Indonesia’s tropical climate it’s important to protect your skin all-year round. To make it easier on your pocket we pride ourselves on offering a great range of affordable options. From our non-greasy facial sunscreens to hydrating sun protection for the whole body.


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